Inverter Manufacturer, 7000W, DC 12/24/48/110V, AC 110/220V Input Pure Sine Wave Solar/Car/Appliance Power System Inverter

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Supply Ability:
30000 Set/Sets per Month
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Output Power:
7000w -14000w
Output Type:
Input Voltage:
Output Voltage:
DC/AC Inverters
Output Frequency:
50HZ or 60Hz
Output Current:
Ambient Temperature Range:
-25 °c~60°c
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2 days

MANUFACTURER  single phase  5000W Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Solar Inverter

Product Description







1.  Use advanced double CPU single chip computer intelligent controle technology. It is a higly reliable inverter with very low failure rate.

2.  Pure sine wave output, with strong overload capability and wide application.

3.  has complete protection functions(over-loaded protection, interior over heated protection, output short circuit protection, input over voltage protection ect). It can increase the reliability of the product.

4.  Small size and light weight. The interior part adopts CPU centralized controlling, surface mounting technology, which make the size small and weight light.

5.  Cooling fan intelligent control. Adopts CPU controlled cooling fan, which expand the fan’s use durability, save power energy and improve the efficiency

6.  Working noise is low and the efficiency is high

7.  Earth Connection for Both Inverter and PCB,best Protection all around

8. all BIG MOSFET,strong driving capacity

9. Thick PCB of 2.00mm,

10. SMT Serface Mount Technology

11. No Noise for TV or Stereo Sound

12. automatic chip mounter

13. Durable quality with 10 years usage , our pure sine wave inverters are approved by EMC testing in Australia and CE certified , 18 monthes warranty.

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Company Information

We YUEQING RELIABLE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD is a leading manufacturer for PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER from 150W to 8000W in China for more than 7 years . As the factory , we will support you most in quality , price and service .


Good Feedback





1)Would it be possible to hook this to a car battery in a storage closet in my home to use as an emergency power source? Would anything else be needed? 


You can use a "car battery", you should use a deep cycle battery often used in RVs. If you are considering the 3000 watt unit, you would need more batteries to sustain the load for an extended period of time. I use 4 deep cycle 6 volt batteries in a series/parallel configuration in my RV for providing power without being plugged or running the generator. As mentioned in other comments you will need to keep the battery charged until you need it.



2)Few 150Ah batteries in parallel support? there any way to connect 10 batteries in parallel without damaging this team? 


The batteries do not damage the Inverter if they are connected the right way at the correct DC voltage, you can either have 1 battery 2 batteries or 24 batteries its the same for the inverter, more batteries will give you more back up time but it won't damage the inverter



3)Is this unit vibration resistant? Will be traveling on unimproved roadways and worried about it vibrating apart. 



It can be installed in a enclosed trailer on all roads with no problems



4)How many battery do I need to hook up? 



It depends on how long you want to use the power inverter and how many watts per hour you are going to use and will you be charging the battery at the same time or just use a battery without charging . there is a formula to calculate the work hours , but it is not hundred percent accurate , because there is also the battery’s condition , the old batteries have some loss, so this is only a reference value : Work Hours= Battery Capacity * Battery Voltage * 0.8/Load Power ( H= AH*V*0.8/W) .



5)Does the cooling fan in unit run all the time or just under larger loads? 



 The unit fan will run when it gets warm and it does seem to have variable speed. With that said the fan will run when the unit warms up and will run faster depending on the temperature of the environment it's in and the load it's asked to produce. I've owned my unit for over 2 1/2 years or longer and it works very well. I run this unit 4-5 hours per night. I hope this helps.



6)what is the 'soft-start' system? 



This Inverter is configured with the latest Soft-Start Technology. Before introduction of Soft-Start, high startup currents from large inductive loads could shut down the inverter. Soft Start improves inverter operation. Three major features incorporated in SST include:
First, gradual voltage ramp-up during inverter startup. This eliminates failed cold starts under load. Second, output that momentarily dips in voltage and quickly recovers to allow large motorized loads to start. This eliminates almost all shutdowns from momentary overloads.
Third, the inverter automatically re-starts when an overload that causes inverter shutdown is removed. Previously, manual reset was required



7) What is the difference between modified sine wave and pure sine wave ?



Modified sine wave inverter use less elaborate switching and filtering circuitry . There would be electrical noises or interference which can prevent these inverter from properly powering certain loads . The frequency and voltage to their outputs may vary and contain some noise and distortion . It can run some resistive load like light bulb , etc . But it is not good for many appliance and affects use life of your appliances . With today's technological advancements and rapid proliferation of sensitive electronics that require true sine wave power to operate correctly . Pure or True Sine Wave Inverters are designed to emulate this power . Some appliances which to emulate this power , some appliances which are likely to require pure sine wave , include computers , digital clock , battery charger , light dimmers , audio and visual equipment , variable speed motors , pump , air conditioner and precision machine , induction cookers , microwave oven , compressor , water pump etc . Pure sine wave inverters have distinct advantage over modified sine wave inverters in term of performances . Choose pure sine wave inverter for goodness and longevity of your appliances .



8) Would you accept to use our logo ?



If you have good quantity , it absolute no problem to do OEM .